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Korecta Wax [Box of 20 Cakes]

Korecta Wax [Box of 20 Cakes]

Korecta Wax [Box of 20 Cakes]
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Soft NO. 4 - (Orange) is used to secured a completely adapted impression under natural masticatory pressure. It leaves a finished surface and registers fine tissue details.

Soft NO. 3 - (Red) is for minor tray corrections and as an initial lining to stabilize the tray.

Hard NO. 2 - (Yellow) is used in rebasing as a hard foundation for Korecta - Waxes No 3 and 4 when extensive absorption necessitates a bulk of material. Also used to restore occlusion in partial denture .

Extra Hard No. 1 - (Pink) is a reinforcing material used Only on the external surface to support wax extensions beyound tray margins.

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